The Mash-Up

Without having even seen this yet (will be soon) I feel confident in recommending anyone living or visiting in NYC to go and enjoy. (On now through Sept 13th.)

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Hip-Hop Revolution, opening at the City Museum tomorrow, April 1, 2015 showcases the work of New York-based photographers Janette Beckman, Joe Conzo, and Martha Cooper, who chronicled the evolution of hip hop in its first decades. Each artist presents a distinctive perspective; put together, their work traces the movement from nascent youth subculture to mainstream phenomenon.

From left to right, photos by Martha Cooper (1983), Joe Conzo (1981) and Janette Beckman (1987) From left to right, photos by Martha Cooper (1983), Joe Conzo (1981) and Janette Beckman (1987)

Just before Christmas 1982, Janette Beckman arrived in New York City from her native England, eager to explore the origins of the globally-expanding hip-hop movement. Already an established photographer of English youth culture and punk music for various magazines, she began photographing many of the seminal figures of hip hop, capturing artists like Run DMC, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, and the Beastie Boys at the beginnings of their careers. Her new work appeared in Esquire and Rolling…

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Countdown to Zero: Day 31




Homemade wine

another traveller

A month from now, I will be flying from Bucharest to Istanbul to Boston to Toronto. It’s a simultaneously frightening and comforting thought that almost a year and a half of travel around the world is coming to an end.

To commemorate, I would like to share with you each day something from these tales of travels, these trials and tribulations that went on somewhere in the world in that time span (really, just my misadventures). This will be in addition to my daily travel posts and updates. Each day, I would like to reflect on a memorable experience I had during the last year and a half of travel – something I did for the first time, something I learned from, something humbling, something that made me feel accomplished, something that made me feel a way I’ll never forget, something that impacted me and left me with an impassioned…

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Darkness Dies

Dan Jurak's Alberta Landscape Photo Blog

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In Immortality’s Light,
Darkness dies
Infinity’s Smiles,
Eternity cries.

– Sri Chinmoy

I went out yesterday with the intention of photographing this old church. It has seen it’s better days. The chimney bricks are falling down. The steeple is disintegrating. After years of vandalism the front doors have finally been boarded up and the only residents now are the pigeons who flutter around the church to stretch their winds and coo quietly when inside.

Instead of getting up at the crack of dawn like I usually do when shooting color I have found mid-morning or mid-afternoon are best for these black and whites.

This church like me is getting older and one day the only thing left of us will be memories. While driving for an hour to get to the church the mind has time to wander and imagine. I got to thinking that over forty years…

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