Train Travels – Suncheon Garden Expo

Hedgers Abroad

In Seoul, we did most of our travels via subway. The Seoul metro was rated the best subway system in the world by CNN  because of it’s cleanliness, technology, and ease of use. We were sad that we would be leaving such an amazing mode of transportation when we moved across the country to Yeosu. But then, we discovered something equally spectacular! Trains!

We have ridden the KTX a couple of times before and were really impressed by the high speeds and how nice the train cars were. The KTX tickets, however, can get a little pricey. This past weekend, we decided to try a different type of train, the Mugunghwa. Named after the national flower of Korea, the Rose of Sharron, this economy train is still quite nice and speedy and also costs less that a third of the price of the KTX!

So, we have decided to start…

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