This Is Colossal: Chalkboard Illustrations


Famous Quotes Illustrated on Chalkboards by an Anonymous Student Duo 


Click to see the incredible chalk illustrations

Click to see the incredible chalk illustrations

Two anonymous art students, who go by the moniker dangerdust, have been creating gorgeous hand-lettered and illustrated chalkboards featuring inspiring quotes from literary and public figures. Every Monday a new piece, rendered entirely by chalk, appears on the common chalkboard, only to be ephemerally replaced the following week. “Despite our overwhelming workload at Columbus College of Art & Design we bring it upon ourselves to create a chalkboard every week,” say the two students, explaining the motivation behind their late-night rogue art. Each piece, with its cleverly placed backdrop and bold composition, is as unique as the quote itself. They’re created in one fell swoop, which can take up to 11 hours. Like the students say themselves, “it’s the best form of vandalism.” Even if you’re not a student at their school you can follow their weekly creations on behance or Instagram. (via designboom) –THISISCOLOSSAL


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