Being a Building Gawker in NYC | New York City Photos

Some absolutely great black and white shots of NYC’s architecture:

Aspiring Images by Rachel

NYC Two Building Facades BW by Aspiring Images by Rachel

Being hobbit sized (almost 5’2″) means I spend most of my days looking up at things. My husband is 15″ taller than me. I need a footstool to reach the 2nd shelf in our upper kitchen cabinets. I need a full chair to get to the 3rd shelf or I just make a life decision of whether or not I really need whatever is up there. Most times, I decide I don’t really need it. I have a footrest at work because putting my chair low enough for my feet to be flat on the ground means my keyboard then is almost chest height. My altogether favorite? Sitting in booths at restaurants. My feet don’t touch the ground and I look like a child with my legs just dangling in mid-air.

NYC Three Buiding Facades BW by Aspiring Images by Rachel

So, what does that have to do with anything? Before my first visit to New York City, several people…

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