From Flemish to phlegmish

Je Suis Mimsy

The two most known cities in Belgium are undoubtedly Brussels and Bruges. Many trains run daily between them—the former the capital not only of Belgium, but of the EU, and the latter a quaint and impeccably preserved Medieval city in the Flemish-speaking, northern region of Belgium. All of these trains make a quick pit stop in the inconspicuous Ghent, which is where I decided to shack up last weekend.

Like its cousin Bruges, Ghent also boasts a well-preserved Medieval city center but allegedly has more “real city” life than Bruges, with a large student population and more modern architecture. Thanks to its many canals that lead to the sea, Ghent was an industrial and textile superpower in Medieval times. Those same canals today have earned the city its nickname, “Venice of the North.”

With many sleepless nights and one inexplicable rash, I have for the most part considered hostels a part…

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