Why Am I Buying Spoken Word Records?

Love these album covers

Flea Market Funk

CB-record Through the years here at Flea Market Funk, we’ve talked a lot about many types of records. However, one genre that hasn’t been spoken about is, surprise, spoken word. Our crates here have been strangely attracted to the vinyl records with no music, ones with just talking. Whether it be a comedy record, movie dialogue, poetry, or any number of records that don’t contain a note of music, these manage to fill more than just a small nook in our record bins. Why do we do this? What purpose do these things serve other than taking space? Today we are going to investigate. Just why am I buying spoken word records?

I have been fascinated with cut and paste type records/songs since I was a kid. When I heard those Dickie Goodman and Rick Dees 45s on the radio and then later on, Steinski’s work, I had a grandiose plan…

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