Save a horse, ride a…hog?

Chronicles of a Misadventurista

How would you choose to get around rural China? One elderly pig farmer in Chongqing has become something of a local celebrity for his unconventional method of transport: a hog. No, not a Harley. A real, live hog.

Following a bout with bronchitis that left him too weak for long walks, 68-year-old Jiang Chengyou has been riding his three-year-old hog around Huilong village in Dianjiang county. The giant hog weighs over 250 kilograms and stands a staggering 90 centimetres tall.

As it’s been said about a certain literary swine in the children’s book Charlotte’s Web, that’s “some pig.” And a reason to travel to Southwest China.

74651996-7403-40b5-90c6-c0c04b5c5e09 That’s “some pig”!

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